Movember 2021 : Tackling  prostate cancer,  testicular cancer, mental  health and suicide prevention. “Stop men dying too young.”Join the movement for men’s health throughout the month of November 2021 to raise money for charity.

Let’s support the Fight Against Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer . Supported by the project Ronning Against Cancer, Super Professeur , Marina Nival, and Les Aventures de Ronald Tintin

MOVEMBER – What is Movember ?

Movember - “Change the face of men’s health” by the act of cultivating a moustache throughout the month of November 2017 for good cause.

Movember is an annual event which takes place every November and sees men across the world grow moustaches to raise money for charity.

The Movember Foundation tackles mens’ health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Men and women can also join in by organising fundraising events or being sponsored to complete sporting challenges.

The event is run by the Movember Foundation out of Melborne , Australia and their motto/call to action is simple and spot on as is the whole concept, “Change the face of men’s health”. Since 2004 the organization has been doing just that one face at a time and has since raised over $299 million dollars! Over the last 12 years the event has grown (pun intended) in size and participation .To register visit them at - Once registered as a “Mo-Bro” you will receive your very own pledge page where sponsors will go and via paypal place their pledges on your newly born magical cookie duster.

So this Movember join the cause and put your inner moustache where your mouth is!


What can you do for men’s health?

Stop men dying too young

Join the movement for men’s health

1. Grow your Mo

For 30 days, champion the moustache and raise funds for men’s health.

2. Take the Move challenge

Challenge yourself to get physically active and raise funds for men’s health.

3. Host an event

Get together for a Movember event. Any excuse for a good time.


Movember Rules


*   1. Register on Movember’s Website

*   2. Set a goal for how much money you want to raise for the cause

*   3. Start clean shaven on November 1st and grow, grow, grow!

*   4. Movember 30th find a costume that best suits your mustache

*   5. Attend a Movember shin-dig to compete for the Man of Movember

*   December 1st decide to keep or kill your facial hair


Thank you for your support :

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